6 Simple Steps for Achieving Your Goals

6 Simple Steps for Achieving Your Goals 

As a single mom, I completely understand how difficult it is to do it all for yourself and your kids while staying focused on your goals. I also know how imortant it is to take care of your own needs in order to have the energy left to focus on your kids, job, and other responsibilities. Because of this, I wrote an E-book sharing 6 Simple Steps for Achieving Your Goals: How to create a vision board that actually works. These growth hacks have been created to help you learn more about yourself by:

  • Guiding you to find the balance that you crave.
  • Supporting you as you cut down on emotional clutter in your life.
  • Helping you set your priorities straight so you can focus on what's important.

What Can You Achieve with These Simple Steps?

These 6 simple steps, will help lead you down the right path to makng the changes you are looking for in life. These simle step assist you to find the freedom and flexibility can find as you reach your goals. In this E-book, we'll share with you:

  • Finding your core values
  • Writing activities and prompts that will lead you to self-discovery.
  • Guided mind mapping and goal setting.
  • How to create a vision board that will lead to actionable goals.
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What Will You Learn from the E-book?

Without giving it all away at once, this E-book will cover 6 simple, yet feasible steps that will help you set realistic, attainable goals.

Writing Activities

Identify what may be causing you to feel stuck or stopping you from reaching your full potential. 

Mind Mapping/ Goals

Learn how to create powerful goals that align wih your core values.

Take Action  

Receive tips on effective email sequences that will turn cold leads into customers.

Vision Board that works

Discover how to create a vision board that actually works.

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About the Author, Laurie @ Learning2Bloom

Laurie Mecham is a single mom, blogger, and dream chaser. As someone who has been a single mom to two beautiful girls for over 10 years with no outside support, she has strived to find tips and tricks to help her get through everyday life. She started her blog to help struggling single parents make their lives easier. Laurie wants to empower and encourage single moms in a supportive environment. While being a single mom, she has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in social work, learned how to efficiently save money, and learned how to keep herself and her girls healthy through life’s many obstacles. She has taken everything she has learned and started a blog with the goal of inspiring other single parents to keep going so they could create the dream life they deserve. She wants to help single parents go from surviving to thriving in every way she possibly can.